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A recent column by Paul Krugman in the Times noted that in the digital age, the old business models of delivering content are going to die no matter what anyone wants.

A subsequent letters column contained many reactions:

It's looking like the market for books is going to become more and more like the market for music — where the book sales are just the loss leader, and the real moneymaker is in the bonus goodies, like being able to see your favorite content creator in meatspace (man, I never thought I'd use that term).

And as far as making a career out of it goes, well, I've still got my day job and don't plan on leaving that anytime soon. I thought for a long time about the consequences of trying to become a full-time writer of fiction, and realized it probably wasn't a smart idea to hitch my livelihood to the shifting winds of public taste. I'd like to be able to write what I like without having to worry about whether or not it means being able to eat this month, too.

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