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As in, I've been hopping about, and haven't had much time to keep people posted about what's happening on this end.

  • Mom & DadSpent Dad's Day with Dad & Mom, as you can well imagine, watching Turkey beat the Czech Republic 2-1 in a stunning last-minute upset. I also took home Dad's old ten-speed and found that, yes, you never really forget how to ride a bike. I'll probably want to give it a once-over courtesy of the fine folks at the local bike shop, but it runs fairly swell.
  • Spent most of this week in Boston for the 4th annual Red Hat Summit for my day job. A fun time was had by all, and while I didn't get to do any sightseeing I've made a mental note to earmark some more time for precisely that when I'm around again.
  • 4-Day Weekend is down to the last chapter. I should be waving the checkered flag by the time the month is out.

I'm looking forward to some well-deserved time off this weekend, but being up here in Boston has been strangely relaxing in its own way...

Tags: family travel writing

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