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Amazonica Dept.

It's been a while — look what bubbled up!

Purchase on AmazonHELL FREEZES OVER ALERT! Peter (War Game / Punishment Park) Watkins's Privilege, long out of print and next to impossible to find, has been given a July 29 release on DVD courtesy of New Yorker Video. A review of this is mandatory for me; this movie has dated somewhat but it is still a terrifically scathing indictment of ... well, quite a lot, actually.

The also-long-unavailable Tokyo Decadence is getting a re-release, but it's apparently the 112-minute version, not the 135-minute version with both more explicit material and additional plotting. (Trivia note: Peter Fernandez wrote the English dub script!)

Purchase on AmazonAlso look for a deluxe remaster of Delicatessen in August.

Another guilty pleasure of mine, Krull, is also getting a dust-off. (What, no Blu-ray?)

X: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes looks like it's being put back on the rails, too — although as much as I love the original, I can see a case being made for a reverent remake that preserves the cosmic horror of the original ending.

The Ero-Gro Collection repackages a few Artsmagic offerings from previous years, including the interesting and underrated Malice@Doll.

Purchase on AmazonA U.S. edition of the Korean by-the-numbers but still fun actioner Shadowless Sword is also on the way. Must put back up my original review.

The Snow Queen — no English subs but Russian animation is grossly underrepresented on DVD in the U.S., so I'm curious about this one regardless.

Purchase on AmazonKitaro (the live-action GeGeGe no Kitaro) is also headed our way thanks to the fine folks at Funimation.

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