This Is Where I Get All Personal Dept.

Time for some personal stuff (gasp):

1) My 13th wedding anniversary was this past Tuesday. Huzzah! There are people who don't make it a quarter of that length, from everything I've seen — there was a friend of the family who got married the other year and didn't even make it to 11 months, which made me wince.

2) The Four-Day Weekend is very, very close to being done for its first draft. I know I have been saying this for what seems like forever and five weeks, but the closer I get to the end, the more it turns into the literary incarnation Zeno's Paradox. Those of you who are on the early-bird reading list will get copies as soon as I have something complete and reasonably well-edited, possibly by early June but don't count on it.

I also want to have the website for that moved over and made public before then. The excerpts I published there have been totally rewritten; they're nothing like what's in the final story, so don't rely on them for a sense of what the end product will be like.

3) Trying out FF 3 release candidate in various environments. It runs beautifully; I just wish they'd update Flock to use 3. They're working on it, but that can't come fast enough.

4) Reviews of new Merzbow (Green Wheels), Gavin Bryars (The Sinking of the Titanic), Noise/Girl (Discopathology), and a bunch of other albums ought to be along when I can find the time to bang them out.

5) A-KON next week. Good grief, I'm so not ready.

I also did one of those "ten random song" things for someone else's blog, and this is what came up:

  1. Ach Golgotha (Maldoror Is Dead) - Current 93
  2. In a Landscape (1948) - Stephen Drury (playing John Cage)
  3. Lazy Bird [Alternate Take] - John Coltrane
  4. Mudbone Goes to Hollywood - Richard Pryor
  5. Monday Bluesong - Mark-Almond
  6. 女郎蜘蛛退治 - 上田雅美 (Track 29 from disc 2 of the Ōkami video game soundtrack)
  7. Blue in Green - Miles Davis
  8. The Prodigal Son Brings Death - Vangelis (from the Blade Runner Soundtrack)
  9. It’s Not My Problem - The Future Sound of London
  10. It Must Be Love - Madness

... This is, indeed, about as crazy as many of my playlists get.

Tags: John Cage music travel writing

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