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It wouldn't be a month without a set of Criterion releases, would it?

First and most controversial: their completely revised edition of Pasolini's Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, the movie that "burns a hole in the screen" (as one wag put it). The original Criterion version was pretty sad by current standards, and it was eventually pulled from the market due to a dispute over the licensing of the film. The new version will feature some intriguing documentary material, although I'd've liked to see Whoever Tells The Truth Shall Die as part of the bonuses. (One wonders if this will eventually be a Blu-ray release as well; a number of people on various forums have already started asking that question.)

On a completely opposing note, also look for Twenty-Four Eyes in August, Keisuke Kinoshita's adaptation of the novel of the same name, something I need to get around to talking about one of these days. The only previous editions of this on DVD have been from Hong Kong and have looked pretty weak, so I'm looking forward to a remaster. Also coming soon is Brand Upon the Brain!, a title I'm not immediately familiar with but which Ebert wrote about glowingly a while back, and a Powell / Pressburger title, The Small Back Room.

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