What Happened To My Week? Dept.

Between work and ... well, work, I haven't had much time to post. Time to fix that with a quick rundown of interesting stuff.

  • I've upgraded to the newest beta version of Movable Type, and am reporting bugs as I find them. Things might flake occasionally.
  • My last JustTheDisc order included, amazingly, the 2nd Ergo Proxy soundtrack, which is about as rare as rocking horse feed. All the Geneon anime soundtracks have been officially out of print since the company went 'splody. If you see any of them, grab them — there's a lot of good music there. Since Geneon were the original licensors for Seirei no Moribito (the new licensor is MediaBlasters), that means the soundtrack discs are going to be available for that series as import-only items. I have the first one and have been meaning to pick up the second one as soon as my budget permits.
  • ...and if I can scare up $150, I want one of these. For obvious reasons.

And now for some links!

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