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In the next week or so I'm going to begin the next phase of the consolidation of all the disparate sites I've been managing. The individual book blogs are all going to get slurped up and redirected, along with the comments attached to them, and the domain names I had pointing to them will be redirected properly. I'll also be putting back the ad block that used to exist in the sidebar, although I have to learn a little about how to design proper MT-compatible widgets before doing that.

A big advantage to doing this is that all the news I'll be posting about everything will show up here, on the front page; you won't have to dig through a bunch of different places to see what I'm up to. If things ramp up the way I hope, then that'll be crucially important.

And now some links:

  • Would you ask a judge to stop a science experiment on the grounds that it might cause the world to come to an end? Someone did — but most anyone who's familiar with the experiment in question (which could tell us some extremely eye-opening things about our universe) is snickering. (Then again, they were justifiably worried that the H-bomb would set fire to the atmosphere, so maybe this isn't totally bunk...)
  • One of the men who made "The Killing Fields" a household name has died. The man who portrayed him in the movie of the same name was, amazingly, killed in Los Angeles 12 years ago by a gang member. "Lies written in ink will never hide truths written in blood." (Lu Xun)
  • has changed their shopping cart system and search interface. It's now a lot harder to find stuff, and you can no longer "park" items indefinitely in the cart (which made for some amazing shopping lists). It was fun while it lasted, though, and I do plan to check in every now and then.

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Next: 4/1 Dept.

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