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You've probably noticed a lot of stuff getting shoved around and appearing and disappearing and whatnot. That's going to continue happening for quite a while. A lot of the legacy data that I migrated into the new instance of MT is in terrible shape — I don't know what the heck I was doing when I first started putting everything together, but it's horrendously inconsistent. The DVD review stuff is in the worst condition, so I'll probably not bother migrating most of it back in any time soon — I'm more interested in getting the writing-work sections of the site booted up and migrating all the stuff from the other writing blogs into those areas.

One thing I do plan to do is migrate back in the DVD reviews that point to AMN, since those are in the best shape and can be added back in with relatively little pain. Plus, I need to update them anyway — I published a bunch of things that slipped past me when I was still setting things up — so that will probably be a priority in the coming week. All the old directory names (mainly Summerworld) should still work, at least provisionally, until I can get more elegant directory structures in place.

I'm just really glad I'm not trying to do any of this with FrontPage (shudder). I would probably have thrown myself, and my computer, out a window ages ago.

OK, some other stuff:

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