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Like a lot of other movie/comics/anime fans, I sit around with friends and muse about the possibility of this or that show or book being made into a live-action movie. Here's a quick updated run-down of my current wish list in that category, with discussion. (There may be some repetition with an earlier post, but I have new material to go with it.)

  • The Guin Saga. The fact that this hasn't been made into a live-action movie is nothing short of mind-boggling. In today's post-300 digital-backlot world, why not?
  • Vampire Hunter D. The animated features that were made from the books were just the tip of the iceberg: a live-action feature along the lines of the visual aesthetic that Tim Burton put together in Sleepy Hollow, for instance, would be magnificent.
  • Claymore. Not exactly a household name, but a fairly easy story to adapt for the screen: the setting is rather generically European and so wouldn't require a lot of effort to be made coherent to Western audiences.
  • Berserk. Probably impossible to pull off: R-rated at best, fourteen hours runtime at least, would cost $400 million and would never make back a dime of it. Doesn't stop me from dreaming, though.
  • The Songs of Distant Earth. Arthur C. Clarke's novel was to have become a movie as well at one point, although the deal for that fell through — but with today's technology it would not only be feasible but probably not terribly expensive at all.
  • The Divine Invasion or The Man in the High Castle. The former is probably one of Philip K. Dick's most difficult-to-film stories, but if tackled right it could be absolutely transcendent. The latter is about 90% filmable, but how you tackle that last 10% will make all the difference in the world.
  • More Than Human. Probably one of my favorite SF novels of all time. This could be done for very little money, but would require a literate and thoughtful director to pull it off; my vote goes for Alfonso Cuarón.
  • Alan Mendelson, The Boy From Mars. Another favorite of mine as a kid, and it still is a favorite of mine as an adult. (I have a weird idea: Rob Zombie as Clarence Yojimbo.)

Another pet project of mine would be a movie biopic of John Coltrane — how about Denzel Washington in the main role? (They've already tapped Don Cheadle for Miles Davis, though...)

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