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I still haven't been able to iron out that weird Movable Type publishing issue, so for now I'm just going to work around it and post anyway. Onward!!

A bunch — and I do mean a BUNCH — of stuff arrived from Vertical for review. I'll probably be busy some portion of the long weekend reading and getting that stuff written up. It's all good material: the new Guin Saga book, the third and last Guin Saga manga volume, the final installment of Andromeda Stories. Plus, I have a bunch of other books in the offing which haven't arrived yet, but which I've got to stake out a fair amount of time for when they do show up.

The surest sign of an avid reader is a book pile that never gets any smaller. That or a fool who has eyes bigger than he has spare time.

The Blood+ DVD set has also landed on my doorstep, which is going to get a fairly high-priority review. A few people I know have turned up their noses at the show (since it's airing on Adult Swim), but I found myself liking it, especially since it expands nicely on the mythology that was set up in Blood: The Last Vampire and which really never got a fair shake at being expanded.

Work continues on The New Golden Age — er, The Four-Day Weekend, just very slowly. The official site hasn't been updated in a bit and the formatting's a tot messed up, but I'm going to post an update there and clean it up by the end of February. I know a lot of people are looking forward to this — both existing fans of Summerworld and folks who've heard about it from others — and it needs to be done right from start to finish. I'd like to have at least a chapter sampler that I can call finished by the time summer rolls around, but there will be a finished product by autumn, one way or another.

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