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Some more new stuff that's been in the playlist recently:

  • Pablo's Eye, You Love Chinese Food: One of two albums by an artist whom I know nothing about but would love to find more by. It's a little like opening up a chocolate box of music: many short songs that make use of found sounds (radio broadcasts, spoken-word snippets), and which cumulatively have a fair impact. Quirky and fascinating, and it holds up under repeat listens too.
  • Nurse With Wound, Gyllenskold, Geijerstam and I at Rydberg's: A CD reissue from my favorite period in NWW's catalog — extremely dark, surreal and unnerving material that they haven't really equalled since (in my opinion). This edition restores the original vinyl versions of each track and also includes the shorter versions that surfaced on other CD reissues. Here's hoping we get the same thing with a reissue of Sylvie and Babs someday.
  • Klaus Schulze, X: It still hasn't displaced Irrlicht in my playlist but this epic-sized (three and a half LPs worth of music) release stands tall as one of the best moments in Schulze's catalog. Play this next time you're driving to work and you'll feel like you're commanding a transforming robot that can walk over all the cars in front of you. My favorite cuts: "Frank Herbert" and "Friedrich Nietzsche".
  • Brian Eno, Music for Films: Like Harold Budd's The Pearl (also featuring Eno), this is one of those albums I can put on anytime, anywhere, and never feel distracted by. It's environmental music in the best sense of the term, and doesn't just seem to be complementing what I do but purifying it. (The track "Alternative 3" was apparently created as the theme music for an infamous U.K. TV show hoax that still draws in the credulous.)
  • Sasagawa Toshiyuki, AQUA=MIZU: Another blind JustTheDisc purchase, which turned out to be an album of relaxing light piano jazz. It's now part of the aural wallpaper for the background of my workday.

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Next: Odelay Dept.

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