Genji Press: Projects: Post-Holiday Updates!

I hope everyone's 2007 holidays were terrific, and that you're all looking forward to even better things in 2008. Mine were, and I am!

I've posted over at the New Golden Age blog about what's happening with that, my new and current project after Summerworld. Go check it out if you haven't already.

Also, all the in-stock copies of Summerworld itself are gone, so if you want to order for now, use the main ordering link for My next step is to set up the book for barcoded distribution in a couple of months, after I do a little bit more tweaking to the layout and internal design. (For one, I'm thinking about ditching the ugly "Glinebooks" logo and coming up with some better branding.)

And at some point in 2008, I'm going to launch some kind of unified website for everything I'm working on — all the book projects in one handy space, instead of being scattered across a whole series of blogs. For now everything is staying where it is, but expect some fairly major reworking of design before too much longer.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who bought the book, who enjoyed the book, and who looks forward to everything else I've got coming in the future!

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