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The first installment in my ongoing series, What You're Missing, has gone up at AMN:

What You're Missing, January 2008: Azumi

Each month (sometimes more often, depending on what's at hand), What You're Missing will cover a different property, anime or manga, which for whatever reason hasn't yet reached an English-speaking audience in a legit edition but deserves your attention. Said titles usually fit into one of the above three categories—previously licensed but out of print; unlicensed; unlicensable—but for all I know, some of these titles may already have been picked up and are being negotiated for as we speak.

... There are so many genuinely good and undiscovered (or at least under-promoted) releases out there, it's about time I quite lamenting that fact and did what I could to give them the exposure they deserve.

Next month will be a three-volume series by a manga-ka whose work has remained, as far as I can tell, completely unpublished in English-speaking territories.

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