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Somewhere along the way I bumped into a snippet about Richard Gere getting a dressing-down from the Dalai Lama. It went something like this: the DL said [I'm paraphrasing], "Why do you make these movies? You are only piling illusion on top of more illusion and leading people further astray."

I don't know if Mr. Gere had an answer for the DL, but had I been in Mr. Gere's shoes, my answer might have gone something like this:

Sometimes the only way to get people to see things as they truly are is to present them with an illusion. People sometimes respond more readily to a fiction, especially where something intimidatingly large is concerned; they can develop a better emotional liaison with something like that than they can a cold hard fact. This isn't a denigration, just the way things tend to play out. You can create a fiction that is positive and that is grounded in the way things actually are, or you can create something that is simply meant to be wallowed in. It's all in how it's used, and to what end. The trick, again, is to make sure that the other person knows what they're getting into; not everyone is going to appreciate being lied to without their knowing it, even if it leads to them to wisdom. You cannot lie willy-nilly and expect truth to grow out of that.

I'm really curious as to how that might have been responded to.

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