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I know it's been a bit since I had any news, but here's what I've got. First of all, a HUGE thank you to Gloria Oliver for her feedback and support — she's a massively talented writer herself and deserves your support. I read In Service of Samurai last year and dug it quite a bit, so if you like Summerworld, check that one out as well.

Second: I'm in the process of prepping the next printing for release, but I've unfortunately been preoccupied with work and real-life issues, so I haven't been able to get to it in as timely a fashion as I'd like. Rest assured it will happen, though — I have to have copies in hand to bring with me to AnimeFest, where I'll have a table and will be hocking copies. With any luck it'll be alongside my friends Daniel Sanchez and Dan Fu, aka The Nine.

Third: I've got some tentative details about my next project, which has a working title of Vajra. Look for a whole separate blog for that in time, too! (Although over time I'll probably just consolidate all my projects into one ongoing blog, but we'll see...)

Dream big!

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