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Genji Press: Projects: While Supplies Last

I'm down to my last two copies, in-house, of Summerworld. When these are out there will be a delay of at least a couple of weeks while I order more.

One thing I learned: selling the books directly barely puts any money back into my pocket. I can cover my cost of manufacturing, but the hit of sales tax, shipping and a bunch of other things brings it down to barely a dollar a book. I may have to wind up selling the signed copies at a premium (I hate to do it, but I don't have much choice) from the website, and at the regular face price when I'm out-and-about. For now, buying directly off Lulu puts the most money back in my pocket with the least hassle.

Then again, for the time being, this is really not about trying to turn a profit. I'm just learning the ropes of how this works, and I'm already keeping my day job (that's absolutely not changing any time soon). But as I mentioned earlier, if I attracted a decent following and they bought at least one book from me a year, it would cover my expenses for the books and add a little extra on top. You could do lots worse.

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