Genji Press: Projects: Round 1 of edits is complete!

Earlier today I finished the first round of edits on Summerworld — correcting typos, grammar, etc., but also making extensive notes for the second draft. That I will begin working on in the coming week, and ideally it should be finished by the end of April.

When I showed my rough first draft to people back in February, I mentioned that it was about 85% of what I was trying to achieve. I'm surprised that I got as close to the mark as I did the first time around, but it's that remaining 15% that's crucially important — that's hammering down all the protruding nails that people can snag their clothing on, or spackling the gashes in the wall through which you can see the studs. But I had amazingly good feedback from my readers, and I took a lot of notes along the way as to how to make that feedback work in the story.

I'll be checking back in with more word about the 2nd draft, which with any luck will be what goes to the printer!

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