Welcome to the Fold: Do-It-Yourselfer Helper Dept.

On preparing 'Welcome To The Fold' for (self)-publication.

Greetings, fellow Americans! I hope your July 4th was better than mine. I spent most of it being sick to my stomach and beyond, with some kind of gastric virus that produced symptoms not suitable for discussion in a family publication. Eventually, I felt okay enough to pull up a chair and begin prepping Welcome To The Fold for (self-)publication.

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Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned: As Of Late Dept.

Peek at my latest novel, and find out what's happening with my next one.

Sorry about the silence — been submerged in things. Here's what's rolling:

Welcome To The Fold

In case you missed it, the first few chapters — more on the way! — of my last novel, can be sneak-previewed at Inkshares.


When a young woman joins an underground street-theater movement with plans to change the world, her boyfriend follows her in to "rescue" her ... only to find it may cost both of them their personalities, and maybe also their lives.


If you like what you see, if you're already a fan of my work please register for an account there, follow me (and follow the book itself). This is vital, because it shows that there's interest in the work.

If I get enough people showing interest, the book will automatically be bumped up to the point where it will be considered for publication by the Inkshares team.

My plan is to post most, or maybe even all, of Part One, and see if that elicits any interest. If I get to halfway through the year and there are no takers, I will drop back to Plan B and go through Kindle and CreateSpace. I'd rather see if Inkshares can help me accrue momentum first.

Once again, if you like my work, please show your support there to get this ball rolling.

Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

The latest novel from the Genjiworks is about two-thirds done, perhaps a little more, in its first draft. Don't expect to see anything with this until at least next year — the second and third drafts are likely to introduce a great many changes. The way I explained it to a friend involves language that deserves its own blog post: Don't think of it as rewriting; think of it as creating an entirely new project using the earlier draft as raw material.

A great many of the most difficult questions I had about this story were things I could only resolve by encountering them on the level of individual scenes, or even individual lines of dialogue. They weren't things I could resolve by planning ahead, because those plans were predicated on assumptions I had to eventually discard. In other words: it'll be difficult work to rewrite this, but it'll be absolutely vital. This is the kind of story that can't be properly assembled in even a couple of drafts.

I ought to resume semi-regular blogging in a day or two. See you then.

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Welcome to the Fold: A Peek Ahead, Pt. 2

The second chapter of Welcome to the Fold has been uploaded for previewing at Inkshares.

The second chapter of Welcome to the Fold has been uploaded for previewing at Inkshares.

In case you missed the first chapter, it's here.

For those who just joined, this is a project I worked on from 2014 through 2015, but shelved due to other things going on in my life. I'm presenting the first part of the book on Inkshares to see if that generates enough interest to have it published by way of that platform. If not, I'll be falling back to ol' reliable Kindle and CreateSpace.

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Welcome to the Fold: The First Peek Dept.

My novel 'Welcome to the Fold' is now finally going public. A little at a time.

I kept promising I would do this, but now it's time to make good on my promises. The first public glimpse of my new (well, new since I finished it last year) book Welcome To The Fold is now available on the book-networking site Inkshares.

My plan is to upload chapters — sections, really — from the first third or so of the book, about one per week, and then see how much attention I can drum up on Inkshares that way. If it turns out to be a dud, I'll drop back to Plan B: Kindle and Amazon CreateSpace, with some promotion by way of a few services I've been introduced to in the past couple of months.

I really don't know what people are going to think about this one. Even I thought it was strange. In a good way, that is. If you don't like it, don't worry — there's another book on the way that is as unlike this one as this one was unlike anything else I've done!

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Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned: Hot Off The Presses Dept.

New books o' mine! And some old ones, too!

I haven't said much lately about the release schedule for current and future books of mine, so here's some catch-up in that department.

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Welcome to the Fold: Out From The Fold Dept.

Where'd "Welcome to the Fold" go? It's right here, waiting.

I haven't talked much about my previous novel, Welcome to the Foldconspicuous in its absence of detail. The reason for that is simple: over the last couple of months I've been seeking representation for it. So far, no dice, but I'm giving it a full calendar year to see if anyone shows interest. If not, I'll fall back to plan B and release it myself, so you might see it sometime in '17 if it comes to that.

I may have mentioned this before in passing, but it's worth repeating here. I'm also holding off on a major reworking of the site (and an updating of the layout) until I switch publishing platforms, which ought to happen sometime next year.

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Welcome to the Fold: No One Perfect Thing Dept.

It's always the next project that looks more marketable.

The site migration's going a little bumpier than I'd like — some pieces are working better than ever, others not at all — but I'm still capable of blogging here.

Last night I did some final cleanup on Welcome to the Foldwith one very last touch to add — an additional scene suggested by my editor that puts a few things into perspective near the middle of the story. I'll need to sketch that scene out and then write it, but I think I have an existing sketch I dashed off in email to Ellen that will serve as a good model to work from. Then, again, comes the whole business of seeking out publishers, agents, etc.

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Welcome to the Fold: Fold Over Dept.

The new book is almost, almost, ALMOST finished. And then....

I finished the fourth, and I hope final, draft of Welcome to the Fold earlier today. Rather than ration out what was left of the edits over the next couple of days, I just decided to sit down and finish everything in one marathon session, and it worked out better that way.

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Welcome to the Fold: Fold It In Half Dept.

Still hard at work.

I'm a little more than two-thirds of the way through what I hope is the last pass of edits on Welcome to the Fold, and I am now kicking myself, hard, for not taking advantage of the services of an editor for my previous works.

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Welcome to the Fold: Sundries & Assortments Dept.

My busy-ness as of late, and where it'll be taking me

Forgive the radio silence on this end; there's about to be a good deal more of it. I spent the last few days being sick (I'm still on the mend), and I'll be spending the next week and change dealing with family matters and work. Between then and now, some news:

  • Welcome to the Fold is off to my erstwhile editor, as a preliminary move to getting an agent or publisher to take it on. How likely that is to happen, I couldn't say — it's not that I lack confidence in my work, but that I suspect a book this fundamentally unclassifiable isn't going to be seen as worth the effort, and I'll be back where I started. (How many times have I heard this same story from other authors: "It's a great book, we just don't know how to market it" — this from the same people who manage to market books that are only the slightest variations on books that were sold to us last year; surely it isn't that much of a stretch to market something genuinely new as the actual new thing instead of only a lame simulation of same?!)
  • The next book will most likely be The Palace of the Red Desert, title pending a revision. Likely to be started sometime this summer. Max length 110-150,000 words. I always feel uneasy about making such guesstimates; didn't I say that Flight of the Vajra would be 250,000 tops and it ended up being 350K? Perhaps once I'm hip-deep into it I'll rethink how much depth really needs to be there, but the main mission remains: tell the story that needs to be told, not the story you would like to tell. The two are not always the same.
  • Beyond that, however, is a project that could bloat up to elephantine proportions of the Vajra variety: Perfect Skin. This is — and I know some of you reading this are gonna wince — a resurrection of an idea I had way the hell back when and eventually abandoned. Most creators I know have a bad track record for revisiting old ideas, hence the wincing; most of those ideas are clearly products of an earlier age in the creator's development, and thus not worth revisiting to begin with. That said, I am salvaging from it what is worth keeping and dumping the rest. Not that I could do any differently; I did have a manuscript for it somewhere, but it got destroyed or lost or eaten by gophers somewhere along the way. Basic concept is a near-future setting in contrast to Vajra's far-future, with problems like income inequality, social & environmental collapse, etc. playing a big part. But the core story remains elusive, which is why I have kicked this particular can a little further down the road for now.
  • If all else fails, I could dig out The Underground Sun and finish rewriting that. This project was meant to be a kind of trilogy-in-three-parts capstone to Summerworld and Tokyo Inferno  — modern-day Japan as the setting, much like the first of those two, but with a totally different concept at work. Maybe today I can look back on it and give it the discipline it needed to be a proper story instead of just a clever idea that spun off in any number of different directions.
  • Two novella-sized stories, The Ark and This Little Light Of Mine, also remain tentatively on the schedule. Both are set in the here-and-now, and are mainly personal tales I mean at some point to set down and be done with.
  • Ganriki continues apace, if slowly.
  • Ditto MeTal, the publishing system I'm programming as a replacement for Movable Type. We might have something like a product for the latter by the end of the year, although I'm going to have to keep my ambitions modest for that goal. My original idea was to release a productized version of whatever it was I used to replace my own workflow, but I may cut back on that and just produce something that covers 75-80% of the needs, release that first, and then see if other people are interested in it as well. (Most of the things that are most important to me personally I wouldn't put into the core product, but instead provide by way of plugins, and if those features make sense as part of core, then I'd add them later on. But I'd rather keep the core as light and straightforward as possible, and not have it turn into something that balloons up every time someone asks for something.)
  • With MeTal will come a sorta-kinda relaunch of Genji Press. I like the format I have now and will only be giving it the most minor of polishings, but a nice thing about the new system is that it will provide me with the chance to non-destructively test out new formats — something I can't really do with MT as it stands. I could do it with WordPress, but the whole reason I started this project was so that I wouldn't have to use WordPress either.

Anyway, look for me again in a couple of weeks. I hope by that time my eyeballs will have stopped itching.

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