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Do You Mind? Dept. (2017/04/19 08:00)
On the idea that we can use technology to amplify human intelligence.


Halt And Catch Fire Dept. (2016/12/13 08:00)
"PC" stands for "Persnickety Computer."

Am I Blu? Dept. (2016/01/05 10:00)
I know I'm not 4K, that's for sure.


Strange Days (2015/10/20 10:00)
Twenty years on, James Cameron's (and Kathryn Bigelow's) millennial cyberpunk masterwork still packs the kinds of wallops mainstream filmmaking has retreated from in near-panic

The Switch Is Still Stuck Dept. (2015/10/16 06:00)
Migration issues continue.

It's Just This Little Chromium Switch Here Dept. (2015/10/15 09:20)
Still migrating servers.

You Got To Move It, Move It Dept. (2015/10/14 12:51)
It's blog server upgrade time!

Tiddling About Dept. (2015/06/07 10:00)
More about the cutting-edge tools of my writerly trade.

Big Blu Upgrade Dept. (2015/05/17 10:00)
Oh, no, not another home video format!

Glorified Typewriters And Faster Horses Dept. (2015/03/15 10:00)
It's time we stopped using the computer like a glorified typewriter -- and many other things.


Hieroglyph The Third Dept. (2014/09/09 10:00)
Yet more on 'Hieroglyph' and a better future for all who can afford it.

Hieroglyph Redux Dept. (2014/09/08 01:00)
On 'Hieroglyph', take two.

Heaven Is A Flying Car And A Laser Gun Dept. (2014/09/08 12:00)
Why an anthology of techno-positivist SF raises hackles with me.

Artificial Stupidity Dept. (2014/02/08 10:00)
The smarter the machine, the more likely we are to cozzen up to it.


Futurism-ism Dept. (2013/12/17 10:00)
The mysticism of the future by way of technology is no improvement over the mysticisms of the past.

Bleep Bleep Bleep Dept. (2013/09/30 10:00)
An early '80s PC flashback: me and my ZX-81.

No Diversity Please, We're Geeks Dept. (2013/09/22 10:00)
Why technology doesn't promote creative diversity in the ways we like to believe it does.

Take This Type And Move It Dept. (2013/07/08 10:00)
Why WordPress and I can't get along.

Human After All Dept. (2013/05/08 10:00)
More on how SF should be about a new kind of person, not a new kind of gadget.

Gap Redux Dept. (2013/04/30 02:00)
No, I actually like tech -- with caveats.

Every Butt A Billboard Dept. (2013/04/05 10:00)
On the hazards of being someone else's product via social networking.

Constrained But Not Constricted Dept. (2013/03/10 10:00)
On why limits are good things. (Part one of many.)

Busted Brain Trust Dept. (2013/02/14 10:00)
Why machine recommendations are by, and for, machines.

Beats(en) Path Dept. (2013/01/30 04:00)
Is crowdsourcing a substitute for curation?

A Bite of the Apple Dept. (2013/01/21 10:00)
I recently picked up an iPad Mini, mostly for the sake of having an iOS device of some variety. It's next to impossible to work in the field I'm in(information technology journalism) without knowing at least something about the Apple...

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