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Hot Off The Presses Dept. (2016/12/03 08:00)
New books o' mine! And some old ones, too!


Fold It In Half Dept. (2015/09/13 10:00)
Still hard at work.


Re-Kindled: "Summerworld" (2012/09/10 10:00)


The First Genji Press "Blem" Sale! (2010/01/05 12:13)
blem, n. 1. abbreviation for "blemish" 2. merchandise with cosmetic damage but which is otherwise intact Self-publishing brings with it any number of hazards and peculiar conditions. One of them, as I've discovered, is how you can end up...


Restocked! (2009/11/02 12:27)
As of RIGHT NOW, all my books are back in stock! Tokyo Inferno, The Four-Day Weekend and Summerworld all have signed copies and are immediately available. All books are $20 + $3 domestic S/H. Due to a screwup on my part,...

Trilogy in Three Parts Dept. (2009/06/18 10:24)
Sometime in the coming year I may end up getting back to work on a project I never finished. Tentatively titled Vajra, it was my NaNo project for 2007; it fell short of the needed word count for the month...

Fowoll-Up Dept. (2009/02/13 01:41)
Turns out the product IDs that I linked to for both Summerworld and The Four-Day Weekend were wrong. I've since fixed the issue. My apologies to anyone who was cross-directed. (I also didn't need to create entirely new versions of the...

SummerWeekend! (2009/02/11 11:51)
It's done! The new 5.5 × 8.5 versions of my books Summerworld and The Four-Day Weekend are available for purchase NOW. Both are available for $11.99 -- down from $15! -- and are available signed by the author for $20. You can...

Trimmed Down Dept. (2009/02/10 06:47)
I've made the needed corrections to Summerworld and The Four-Day Weekend for their new 5.5 × 8.5 trim size editions. The changes were minor but there were a lot of them, collectively: a misaligned spine image here, some typographical inconsistencies...

Impress'um! (2009/01/31 12:57)
Time for some book news! New editions of both Summerworld and The Four-Day Weekend are on the way. They are in the 5.5 × 8.5 trim size, with publisher-quality paper, and with some minor textual and format corrections here and there. They...


Mighty Dark Out Dept. (2008/11/18 11:19)
I haven't read the Twilight books. I probably never will, at this rate. After all the negative press from people whose tastes I trust, the well has been poisoned so thoroughly that not even a Superfund cleanup would help. What...

Note: To all those who replied, thank you -- I haven't forgotten about you. I've just been dealing with a horrid case of the flu for the past two days. I'm hoping to have all the pending orders fulfilled by...


Summerworld (2000/01/01 03:05)
It had to be a prank. A letter to Dr. Hirofumi, from a patient of his who’d died three years ago—now inviting him to come out to the country and spend some time there! Then he followed the letter to...

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