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Me And One Other Fool (2017/08/16 08:00)
Who's really worth pleasing when you're writing? (And why?)

Action And Reaction And We-action (2017/08/06 07:00)
On not second-guessing audience responses to your work (again).

I'm Just Here For The Beer Dept. (2017/07/02 08:00)
On when not everyone who shows up for your work is showing up for your work.


The Big Snub Dept. (2016/01/29 02:00)
At what point does "doing your own thing" become mere contempt for the audience?

Them's Fighting Words Dept. (2016/01/19 06:00)
On "pretentious" and "elitist".


I'll Tell Me What To Do Dept. (2015/11/21 10:00)
"What kind of story should I write?" How about one that's, you know, yours?

Noise Filters Dept. (2015/02/13 10:00)
The uncanny has become the new normal.


Fifty Million Elvis Fans Strike Back Dept. (2014/12/12 11:00)
Because if it's popular, it has to be good! Right? Right?

Many Legs And No Brain Dept. (2014/12/11 10:00)
There is no creativity by committee, but we love to believe otherwise.

Honk If You Like Baudelaire Dept. (2014/07/20 10:00)
On media as a water-cooler subject, and how it becomes about everything except itself.

Someone Else's Eyes Dept. (2014/07/15 04:00)
The eyes we give creators to look through aren't even their own anymore -- they're a composite of everyone else's.

Dr. Goodreads Dept. (2014/06/17 02:00)
On why hyping yourself always feels like it should be someone else's job -- except when it really isn't.

Flop Of The Pops Dept. (2014/05/31 10:00)
Empire's greatest-movies list is skewing unpleasantly towards spectacle and superficial fanboyism.

Hold Your Collective Breath Dept. (2014/04/13 10:00)
On how there can be "suspense without surprise".

Dream On, Dream Off Dept. (2014/04/01 03:20)
Give the people what they want. Or you can give the people what you want.

Slush Piles Dept. (2014/01/17 10:00)
How both self-publishing and conventional publishing are doing authors and readers (and critics) the same kinds of disservices.

This Is What You Want, This Is What You Get Dept. (2014/01/04 10:00)
"In a few generations, there will be no new ideas, only popular ones."


Your Own Thing (And Everyone Else's) Dept. (2013/12/21 10:00)
Do you own thing, but don't let it fence you in.

Spiked Dept. (2013/07/28 10:00)
Spike Lee turning to Kickstarter may be the new normal.

Cheaper By The Dozen Dept. (2013/07/23 10:00)
How this summer's big-budget movie carpet-bombing has bombed bigtime.

Pacific Limp Dept. (2013/07/19 10:00)
Why del Toro's Cthuluzillavengelion project didn't quite break wide.

Nerd Herd Dept. (2013/07/16 01:00)
What constitutes an adult audience in this day and age?

This Wasn't On The Menu Dept. (2013/07/10 10:00)
If we don't know what's possible creatively, we might never try to look beyond what we have.

Set Focus To Infinity Dept. (2013/07/06 10:00)
Be your own dang "focus group".

Smarter Than Your Average Audience Member Dept. (2013/07/03 02:00)
Expect dummies and that's what you'll get -- but I sense there's more on that score.

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