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From Monstrosity To Tragedy (2017/08/09 07:00)
Art isn't profound just because it hurts.

Pretty Things Dept. (2017/07/01 08:00)
Go make something beautiful and humane. Everything else is just commentary.


Gimlet Eyes Dept. (2016/07/22 08:00)
Artists can be politically outspoken, but are not automatically astute for being so.


In All Heaven And Earth, Only I Alone Reserve The Right To Offend Dept. (2015/02/22 10:00)
Why "I'm an artist" stopped being a defense for the indefensible.


Take No Shelter Here Dept. (2013/11/11 10:00)
On (not) taking refuge in one's art.

Half In Love With Easeful Death Dept. (2013/08/30 10:00)
Artists don't need to be damaged to be profound.

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