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The Switch Is Still Stuck Dept.

Migration issues continue.

We're dealing with some backend stuff that may make it difficult to continue posting, as a couple of key pieces are still missing. I took advantage of the sort-of downtime to do some badly needed backend cleanup last night, although the fruits of that work may not be immediately visible.

One thing at a time.

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It's Just This Little Chromium Switch Here Dept.

Still migrating servers.

Firesign Theater fans will get the reference, I'm sure. The hosting company has thrown the Little Chromium Switch on the server migration, and the new server seems to be quite spiffy indeed. Some pieces are still missing, but I'm in the process of having the folks at A2 take care of that. We should be back at full capacity within the day.

Tags: real life technology

You Got To Move It, Move It Dept.

It's blog server upgrade time!

I'm preparing to have the site and several of its cousins moved to a new server in a couple of days. Until that happens I probably won't post anything. The current server we're on has become untenably slow, and apparently my hosting company has a sweetheart of a deal I would be foolish not to take advantage of. See you all in a few days.

Tags: real life technology

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