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A Word To The Unwise Dept.

Word's custom dictionary feature falls short. Bullheaded resolve to the rescue.

Today's peeve is Software.

Microsoft Word is the load-bearing beam upon which a good deal of my daily activities are based. I don't think it's the best program ever written, but I do think by and large it's Good Enough. This past week, however, I ran into something which very nearly broke my covenant with it.

Word has a custom dictionary feature, which allows you to load dictionaries into the application on what I believe to be a per-user basis. What I'm finding, however, is that custom dictionaries for long-form writing — e.g., for novels — work best when they're attached to the document you're working on. E.g., as a way to have fancy made-up words or exotic proper names not marked as spelling errors, and even to have the proper spellings of those names suggested when you get them wrong yourself. Fine, except Word offers no way to attach a dictionary to a particular document. None.

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