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White Noise And Its Discontents Dept.

Laster Bangs and racism, 30+ years on. Or, how not to be another brick in the wall.

Folks elsewhere have been commenting recently on Lester Bangs's excellent essay "The White Noise Supremacists", wherein he shook his head at the way the punk/alt-music scene of downtown NYC in 1979 had become such a virulent breeding ground for racism. Bangs turned his gunsights on himself as much as he did his peers, and came to the conclusion that racism is always most invisible to the people who are never hurt directly by it — which is why they're often the first ones to bleat about its supposed nonexistence or the alleged overreactions of others.

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Faster, Cinematographer! Kill! Kill! Dept.

When just enough is more.

Much foofaraw about the 48-frames-per-second footage exhibited from Peter Jackson's Hobbit production. One of the comments (by user "dreamfasting") has this magnificent statement: "Every pixel you take out of the imagination and put on the screen is a pixel you are taking responsibility for."

This applies to a lot more than just pixels.

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The Really Real Thing Dept.

On reality hunger an its abuses.

A review of Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild inspired this review, which had one especially trenchant comment:

Goodreads | Dixie Diamond (Spring, TX)'s review of Into the Wild

This guy was idolized by some my college classmates, most of whom were sheltered, relatively wealthy urbanites. They had the same vague and pathetic need for "real" experiences and arrogant expectation of success that comes from never having failed at anything in their lives.

Emphasis mine.

Over the last few years I have become increasingly skeptical of the idea that any one mode of life is somehow more "authentic", "real" or "genuine" than any other, in the spiritual sense. The life you are born into and the life you live is no less a possible source of insight and inspiration than any other life that could be led.

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