The Big Shakeup Dept.

Now that I've just barely managed to avoid being clobbered by Hurricane Matthew, a quick note about what will be happening here. Starting over the next couple of weeks, I'll be slowly transitioning this site to my new blog publishing system. I'm still working out the details of how this will happen, but it will most likely involve having visits to the blog homepage redirected to the new blog subdomain, and maybe also have new posts echoed to the old blog for the time being as well.

But the point is to give myself incentive to ditch the old system, move everything to the new one, and build the pieces I need to make the transition as effectively as possible. And, of course, migrate all the old content in time as well.

If you pick up my blog by way of social media posts, you'll see them reflect the new blog URL when the switch happens, so you've got nothing to worry about. If you pick it up by way of the RSS feed or just hitting the homepage, you'll see a note — ideally, the last thing posted there — that will remind you to update your bookmarks 'n whatnot.

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