Delay Line Dept.

Lots going on right now, most of it very time-consuming. Short rundown:

  • I have a new long-form writing project in the works. I won't be talking about it in public for a good long time, because it's still quite protean. I'm trying to keep from prematurely talking about works-in-progress, because part of me hates making promises and then not knowing if they can be kept. But I will say that the whole thing stems from a quote that inspired this album: Nature likes those who give in to her but she loves those who do not.
  • I'm now tweeting updates for as @About__Anime, so follow me there if you're interested.
  • I will be attending New York Comic-Con this coming weekend and reporting back on it for as well.
  • Posts about books, movies, etc. will probably not be forthcoming for a while. I do want to get back into doing that but it's been very hectic and exhausting as of late, and that does kill my enthusiasm for such things.

Tags: real life

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