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Movie Reviews: Sukeban Deka 2: Counter-Attack of the Kazama Sisters

Vintage '80s J-cheese. The follow-up to the original Sukeban Deka live-action film gives us a new girl as the titular "delinquent detective", Yui Kazama (Yui Asaka), pressed into the service of a elite government agency determined to fight juvenile crime. She joins forces with a crew of outcasts to fight back, and discovers her former employers are actually anti-government insurrectionists. At least as much goofy fun as the first film, with a great finale involving Yui taking down a plane with nothing more than her trademark razor-metal yo-yo. Now available with the original film in a 2-for-1 set.


Tags: Japan movies review Shinji Wada Sukeban Deka Yui Asaka

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