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In between all of the bad news about live-action anime, here's something actually good: Wolfgang Petersen adapting Paprika.

So why's this good news?

  1. Odds are he's adapting Yasutaki Tsutsui's novel, strictly speaking, not just Satoshi Kon's version of it.
  2. This material lends itself to being transported to another venue without too much breakage.

So, yes. Bring it on, and let's see what happens.

In all honesty, I expect these types of adaptations to stumble a few times before they really hit their stride, and we have a few representative examples of how to do this sort of thing right. We've already had Dragonbleah, so one can hope they have a good example of what mistakes not to make.

... right?


Tags: live-action anime Wolfgang Petersen Yasutaka Tsutsui

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