Genji Press Holiday Gift Guide!

You probably saw this coming, but what the heck — it's time for me to make a case for my own goodies as perfect gifts for that someone who has everything (or doesn't want anything, or... you get the idea).

Got a lover of Neil Gaiman-esque fantasy — or maybe a genuine Gaiman fan? Readers have compared Summerworld to his work, and I've even gotten a quiet endorsement from Diana Paxson about it (I'll need to get a pull quote from her for the next edition). If you're still dubious, check out the sample chapters and see for yourself.

Note: This may be the last year this particular edition is ever offered in any form. Sometime in 2009 it'll be discontinued completely and replaced with a barcoded edition that may have entirely different artwork.

And for the geek in your life, how about The Four-Day Weekend, where a chance to get away from it all turns into a chance to find out who you really are? A preview's available for this one as well.

And if you're looking for some hard-to-find musical oddities for that aural gourmand you know, check out my sale page of same!

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