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Not a lot of posting going on due to work and various projects, but I thought I'd drop a few notes.

  1. New Golden Age is probably going to get a name-change after all.  The tentative new title I have is The Four Day Weekend, which I'm honestly not crazy about either, but I'm still fishing around for other possibilities.  I'm just shy of 80,000 words with about 100,000 being the target.
  2. Vajra (possibly retitled The Mapmaker) or an older story named Out of Place may be the follow-up(s) once that's finished.
  3. Tensai Kenki, the "hero story", is still missing a couple of key ingredients.  I'm just short of making the whole thing really catch fire and become something truly special, but I won't be able to make that happen automatically.  One more piece, a truly memorable and fascinating adversary, is what I need.
  4. I downloaded an implementation of TeX to do typesetting for future book releases, but it's difficult to cleanly import Word into it; I might have to come up with some kind of custom filter to just import the formatting I need, and leave the rest to be done by hand.  I tried Scribus but its importing of third-party text is very poor.  I'm back to Word all over again for this, much as I hate to admit it, and I can't shell out a few hundred bucks for something like Quark (which I hate anyway).
  5. Some of the DVD archives broke.  I'm working on it, but it's slow going.
  6. Look for some interesting new features in AMN before long, courtesy of yours truly.

Other stuff that caught my attention:

  • "The Moral Instinct", courtesy of Steven Pinker, in the New York Times Magazine.  Pinker's writings have attracted about equal fascination and ire (he seems a little too enamored of the Chomsky school of innate language for my taste), but it's a good read and spurs some thought.
  • A profile of John Burnham Schwartz's upcoming novel The Commoner, a somewhat fictionalized take on the life of Japanese Empress Michiko.  Looks nifty; I may want to snag it when it comes out.

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