Summerworld: Summerworld Is Out Now!

The first printing of Summerworld has been released to the public!

This first printing, which is only being made available through, does not yet have an ISBN or other retail-ready sales features; it's a direct-sales edition only.  However, later in the year, I will be offering a barcoded / retail-ready version of the book available through companies like and Barnes & Noble.  I'm just anxious to get this out into people's hands as soon as possible, so this first edition will be for the "early adopters" who want to read it and spread the word.

Buy the version here.

You can also read the first four chapters absolutely free.  (That link will take you to a PDF, so if you don't want to open that in your browser, be sure to right-click on it and hit Save As.)

I've updated the FAQ with all of this information as well, but I imagine most people are getting their information directly from the site's front page.

If you want to get signed copies directly from me, I'm working out a way to do that, but for the time being it's just easier to buy directly from Lulu.  (If you end up seeing me at A-KON [look for the "Summerworld Release Party" poster!], you can get copies right from me.)

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who helped ... and an even bigger thank you to everyone who's about to discover the book for the first time!

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